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These hoists are new 2013 product but priced at 2012 RGC pricing. Prices only apply to units currently in Seager Marine inventory. Get them while they last.
ImageProductManufacturerModelWeight CapacityMSRP PriceSale Price
3500 Lbs Aluminum Vertical Lift 100 Inch BeamR & G HOISTSVL301003000$4090.00$3475.00 does not include side load guides
3500 Lbs Aluminum Vertical Lift 108" BeamR & G HOISTSVL351083500$3980.00$3379.00 side load guides not included
4500 Lbs Aluminum Vertical Lift 108" BeamR&G HOISTSVL451084500#$5010.00$4259.00 side load guides included.
6000 Lbs Aluminum Vertical LiftR & G HOISTSVL601246000$7225.00$6139.00 includes 110V Direct Drive, leveling legs, bottom bunks and side load guides
Platform 1200 Water Vehicle HoistR & G HOISTSPL12001200$1795.00$1525.00
VL45116 ALUMINUM LIFT 116" BEAMR&G HOISTSVL451164500#$5170.00$4395.00 side load guides included.
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