2020/2021 Winter Storage Lease and Service Contract

SEAGER MARINE, INC.  hereby leases to the customer and the customer leases from SEAGER MARINE, INC. certain space to be assigned by SEAGER MARINE, INC. which shall be solely for the storage of customer’s boat, hereinafter described, for the term beginning Sept. 1st 2020 and ending on June 30th 2021 upon the following terms and conditions:

  1. Any granting of storage space hereunder is with the distinct understanding, and the applicant hereby agrees that Seager Marine, Inc. assumes no responsibility for the safety of the vessel stored during the dates above. SEAGER MARINE, INC. will not be liable for fire, theft or damage to said vessel, its equipment or any property in or on said vessel, unless due to SEAGER MARINE, INC. gross negligence. The applicant further agrees that the dry land space rental of any vessel hereunder shall be at his own risk.
  2. Boat owners must maintain adequate insurance on their vessel during the winter storage period. A minimum of Three Hundred Thousand Dollars ($300,000.00) liability insurance and full replacement value of the vessel insurance, while the boat is transported and stored at SEAGER MARINE, INC., must be provided by the owner. SEAGER MARINE, INC. will not be responsible for injuries (including death) or property damage resulting from the use of marina facilities, unless due to SEAGER MARINE, INC. gross negligence.
  3. Boats, motors, trailers and equipment of any kind, or articles placed in storage for repair or otherwise in possession of SEAGER MARINE, INC. are not insured by SEAGER MARINE, INC. All personal accessory articles and/or equipment of value should be removed from the boat before the storage procedure is started. We agree to use precaution to prevent loss or damage to the boat accessories, but we are not responsible for loss or damage, as may arise from fire, flood, windstorm, malicious mischief or any other conditions beyond our control.
  4. All winter storage fees are due in full to SEAGER MARINE, INC. at the time the vessel is placed into storage unless you are a slip customer and on a payment program. Charges can be placed on the customer’s credit card which must be on file with SEAGER MARINE, INC. when the reservation is made for storage or the customer can make other arrangements for payment.  Regardless, payment is due on the date Seager’s takes possession of the boat for storage.
  5. If the customer fails to pay storage due hereunder, or fails to remove the boat as required hereunder the terms hereof, the customer shall be liable for all storage fees due and additional costs and expenses incurred by the reason of the customers default, and further, will pay to SEAGER MARINE, INC. reasonable attorney’s fees incurred by reason of the customer’s default. Units are subject to additional charges for storage beyond contracted time period stated below.
  6. No boats will be launched while any moneys are due under this agreement, or any other outstanding balances due SEAGER MARINE, INC.
  7. This contract is valid only with the current owner and becomes void upon change of ownership.
  8. Spring boat launching will be done by appointment only. These will be taken on a first come/first serve basis and at least two weeks’ notice is needed to ensure we can meet your desired launch date.
  10. SEAGER MARINE, INC. will not be responsible for any shrink wrap related damage (i.e. wind, ice, abrasion, etc.) or any damage caused by mold or mildew.  We cannot control the moisture content in the boat but will make every effort to prevent this from happening.
  11. This contract covers rental of STORAGE space only. Any work other than routine cleaning and preparation, or work by outside vendors must be authorized by SEAGER MARINE, INC. Additional fees may apply for workspace.
  12. All units must be and remain fully insured and current policy information provided to lessor. Any boat left at SEAGER MARINE, INC. may be deemed “abandoned” on our property. The non-contract storage charges are $20.00 per day for “abandoned” boats, plus all costs associated with the legal and physical removal of the boat from the premises.  Boats left after June 30th will be charged a summer storage rate of $200 for the summer season.  Boat trailers left on the premises during the summer will incur a $200 summer storage fee.

2020/2021 Winter Storage Lease and Service Contract

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