Last Week for 2019 Lund Spring Catch February Rebates!

Published February 25th, 2019 by Robert Haggerty

Only a few days left to get Lunds Spring Catch February rebates on new Lund Boats... Get them while the getting is good! 

Your Brain On Boating - Scientific Evidence Boating Is Good For Your Health

Published February 20th, 2019 by Robert Haggerty

The idea of boat therapy is something many of us have probably joked over while looking for excuses to get on the water. Though during a recent interview conducted by BoatU.S. magazine with renowned Marine Biologist Dr. Wallace Nicholas, Dr. Nicholas presents research pointing to truth behind the statement, "boating makes you healthier".

"Green space", is a common concept where designated city areas are filled with plants to provide relaxing natural escapes from everyday city life. Dr. Nicholas has coined the term "blue space", referring to lakes, rivers, oceans, bays, and creaks that help separate us from the stresses of everyday life. In Dr. Nicholas's New York Times best selling book Blue Mind, research is displayed on how blue spaces effect the "blue mind", where we are separated from the pressures and distractions of life. Dr. Nicholas refers to these life stressors as the "red mind". In the BoatU.S. article, Dr. Nicholas tells that the blue mind "separates us from the pressures and distractions of life or the "red-mind". Having a blue mind lessens the stresses of the every day and gives us a break from our overstimulated lives.

In the article. Dr. Nicholas comments "Blue mind takes us from the pre-frontal cortex, responsible for things like planning and decision making, to our default moke network, when we're thinking about others or ourselves and not specific tasks." From a study out of University of Exeter Medical School in the United Kingdom, it has been shown that being on water adds wellness and emotional benefits to peoples lives, as patients have both said they feel better as well, and their vital signs such as breathing, blood pressure, and heart rate agree! 

So moral of the story... take time to get on the water and enjoy yourself! It may not only be fun, but a great step towards better overall health. 

Read the whole article from BoatU.S. HERE! 

Boat Full of Joy Toy Drive!

Published November 30th, 2018 by Robert Haggerty

Believe it or not... the Holiday season is upon us! And this year our team at Seager Marine will be partnering up with the Pirate Toy Fund to help spread joy to children in the local area who deserve it. Our goal is to fill the festively decorated Super Air Nautique 230 in our front showroom with toys for children ages 1-14 before December 19th, so that we can help to brighten up the holiday season for kids in the area that are in need of something to celebrate. So if you have the ability, come on down to the city pier, check out the lights on our Super Air 230 (they are cool!), and drop off a small toy that could make a big difference to a local child. 

To give a little background on the Pirate Toy Fund, the organization was founded in 1995 by local children’s entertainer, Gary the Happy Pirate, and is the only non-profit organization of its kind in the United States. To date, they have distributed nearly 250,000 toys, and continue to actively pursue new avenues to expand their mission. To learn more about the Pirate Toy Fund, visit there website at

Fall Perch Tournament Results

Published October 16th, 2018 by Ted Boglione

Well, the weather could have been better and the fishing could have been better, but 10 teams gave it a shot.  First place went to the Jim DeSienna team with 5.1#, second went to the Ted Decker team with 3.69#, third went to the Jason LaMagna team with 3.42#, and fourth went to the Don Hubert team with 3.39#.  The largest perch weighed in was 1.295# caught by Melissa from the LaMagna team.  It was great to see everyone and it was nice to see the friendly bantering and camaraderie of all the teams.  Weigh-in is always a fun time with food, refreshments, and fish stories.  Thanks to all who joined us and congrats to the winners.   

Lund's Catch Of The Year promotion has landed at Seager Marine!

Published August 8th, 2018 by Robert Haggerty


Wondering when is the best time to buy a fishing boat? Lund just gave you the answer with the LUND Catch Of The Year promotion, running until October 2nd, 2018. On top of saving up to $3000.00 on 2017, 2018, and 2019 Lund Boats, Lund will throw in a free travel cockpit cover for boats that apply. See list below for applicable models and discount incentives! 



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