How To: Wakeboard, Wake Surf, Water Ski

Published July 17th, 2019 by Laurali Deats

Pass The Handle Day is coming up this Sunday, July 21, 2019! #Passthehandle is a world wide initiative intended to share the water sports experience with new participants. Founded in 2013 by industry leader Zane Schwenk and Pro Wakeboarding legend Shaun Murray, the two water sports enthusiasts had an idea to share their passion for the water with first-timers on a large scale. The goal is to “share the stoke” of water sports by teaching first timers how to Wakeboard, Wake Surf, Water Ski, or tube, instilling a new found love for water sports that will help nurture the industry and sports that we love for generations to come. 

In honor of Pass The Handle Day (July 21) and the whole Pass The Handle Month of July, we would like to share 3 easy tips for getting first time riders up on a Wakeboard, Wake Surfboard, or Water Skis: 

  1. Let your arms go straight: You want to make sure that your arms are extended all the way out, allowing the chest to come to your knees once the boat starts moving forward. If your arms are bent, you will attempt to fight the boat when getting up, instead of letting the boat do the work for you. In a fight between you and the boat, the boat will win every time. Let your arms all the way out, keep your back strong, and allow your chest to come to your knees. 

  2. Let your butt slide to your ankles: After your arms are straight, and your chest has come to your knees, you want to allow your butt to sink into your ankles. This helps to plain the board/ skis out of the water as now the water if pushing against the base of your board/ skis. This can be called a “baseball catcher” position, and helps keep your center of gravity low when popping out of the water. 

  • PRO TIP: The #1 mistake that people make when getting up for the first time is standing up too early. Once you are in the “baseball catcher” position, you will start to feel like you can stand up. Instead of immediately acting on this feeling, count “one mississippi” before standing up. This will let the boat do the work in getting you out of the water, rather than you fighitng the boat to get up. 

  1. Rise up slowly: The last step is to rise up slowly from the “baseball catcher” position, rising with your chest. Once you have started rising to a standing position, if on a Wakeboard or Wake Surfer, bring the handle down to your front hip to straighten yourself out. If you are on water skis, bring the handle to your belly button. 

To watch a step by step video from Zane Schwenk himself on how to get up, check out the video below: 

You can Wakeboard or Water Ski behind most any boat, although we at Seager Marine prefer to ride behind a Nautique Boat. When Wake Surfing, you MUST use an inboard boat, as the propeller on an outboard or inboard/ outboard boats is exposed and can cause serious injury, or even death to a wake surfer. 

We also recommend that all water sports participants wear a coast guard approved (CGA) life jacket. To learn more about how to stay safe when on the water, check out our boaters safety blog post HERE

Ronix RXT Wakeboard Wins Innovation Of The Year At WSIA Summit

Published March 5th, 2019 by Laurali Deats

Steamboat CO [March 1, 2019]

From February 28th - March 1st the Water Sports Industry Association (WSIA) held the 2019 WSIA Summit in Steamboat, CO. The WSIA is the leading advocate for towed watersports world wide, helping to preserve the vitality of water sports long term. Although we were not in attendance at the summit, Seager Marine is a proud dealer partner of the WSIA and push WSIA initiatives to assist in the long term accessibility and vitality of water sports in Western NY, and around the globe! 

We were also very proud to hear that at this years summit, our friends at Ronix Wakeboards took home top honors in the water sports innovation category for the 2019 RXT Wakeboard. Winners of the Innovation of the year award are those who make an observable impact and significant industry contribution through the nominated product. 

So what kind of new space age technology makes up the most innovative product in wake for 2019? Well, for the most part that remains a bit of a mystery... It took Ronix three years of R&D before this board came to market, and the components of the board are not currently stated anywhere to the public. In the RXT product description through, the company explains "We were the first to market with PU, and PVC foam, Balsa, and Paulownia wood, and also carbon fiber laminates.  All we can tell you is this new RXT first of its kind is none of those things."  There is some mystery to what make this board such a hot and innovative product for the 2019 season, but here are some specs that we can break down for you:

  • Energy Type: Instant 
  • Continuous Rocker
  • Black Out Tech Core
  • 4 Fiberglass 1.0” Ramp Fins & 4 Fiberglass .8” Free Agent Fins
  • Massi Pro Model
  • Speedwalls
  • Saw cut rails for traction
  • Saw cut channels for release

The boards continuous rocker give the board a smoother, more consistent glide up the wake. This allows riders to carry more speed up the wakes transition and land farther out into the flats when coming down. Continuous rocker boards are usually more stored energy, though the RXT blends the consistency of continuous rocker with the instant energy on a three stage board profile. Stated by Ronix "The first board that is the perfect blend of feedback on the water, response off the wake, super soft landings, controls every aspect of the release, and it’s the lightest board out there too." 

Two of our Seager Marine employees, Robert and Preston had a chance to ride the RXT at the end of last season. Here are their thoughts on the newest board in the Ronix line: 

Robert: "This board is super fast and has great feel on the water. Coming from Massi's last pro-model board (The Happy Hour), I was a little caught off guard at first and even though the two boards had what I though was a similar rocker profile, the RXT had so much more pop off the wake. What I really like about the RXT is that the board lets you come to the top of the wake before naturally wanting to release and pop. It was almost like you could wait until your back foot came off the wake to think about popping, giving you more time to carry speed and set up for your trick. The RXT tracked really well, popped hard, and was definitely the lightest board I have ever ridden. Think I am sold on the RXT gang for this season! Cant wait to try it out again." 


After 24 years of wakeboarding rarely do I jump on a board and have it knock my socks off.  Well I stand here today sans socks and completely blown away by this piece of wakeboarding artistry.  A board that lives up to hype;  edgy and smooth with a kick ya' in the ass boost off the wake.  Pretty sure it was forged on Mount Olympus or something because there were literally lightning bolts shooting out of it while I rode it.  Huge Fan- come ride with me and try it!   

Want to learn more about the Ronix RXT Board? Visit our pro shop site Here or

Hyperlites Ride With A Pro tour coming to Seager Marine July 18

Published June 28th, 2018 by Laurali Deats

Hyperlite Ride With A Pro Tour comes to Seager Marine

Nautique G23 Voted WakeWorlds Surf AND Wake Boat of the Year!!!

Published April 13th, 2015 by Preston Reynolds

Another couple feathers in the cap of the G Series from  The G23 walked away clean with both the Wakeboard boat of the year (making it a repeat champion from last year) and Surf boat of the year!  A huge compliment coming from the Wakeworld community consisting of owners and riders of all different makes and models and all different ability levels.

Its pretty obvious since its introduction in 2012 that the G Series has changed the game.  You could say they started a new game all together.  Wakes that go from one extreme to the other and accommodate every riding style imaginable.  Beginners to Pro- first timers to first time 1080's and double flips.  The wakes are borderline tsunami when you fill the ballast and engage the NSS and/or NCRS.  But that story everyone already knows.

Want to see why EVERYONE is raving about Nautique? 

Stop in or Call us- we will show you why.



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