Fall Buyers Program - 5 Reasons The Fall Is The Best Time To Buy

Published September 27th, 2019 by Laurali Deats

If you are thinking of purchasing a new boat for next season, the Fall is one of THE BEST times to do so and here are some reasons why: 

1.) Widest Selection Of The Year 

Boat dealers have the widest selection of inventory heading into the Fall months. From September to December is when a majority of dealers new model year inventory will hit the floor. This gives buyers their first choice for the models, color schemes, and options that they are looking for. We at Seager Marine also have remaining 2019 inventory available to help you find the right boat that will fit your needs. 

2.) Order Your Dream Boat! 

Boating is a seasonal activity, and in Western NY that season is far too short. Buying a boat come Spring or Summer time can limit  your opportunity to customize your new boat exectly how you would like it. Buying a boat in the Fall or Winter gives you the opportunity to order the boat of your dreams, hand picking the model, colors, and features that will be included. This also ensures that your boat will be ready for spring delivery making the most out of the season! 

3.) Seasonal Savings

Most dealers provide their largest discounts through the Fall months. Fall sales help dealerships pay employees through the off season, clear inventory to make room for new boats, and help with sales planning for the coming season. For this reason, dealers will provide HUGE savings on left over model year boats as well as 2020 stock and special order boats. 

4.) Best Trade In Value

It's simple, buyers who purchase a boat in the Fall will get more out of their trade in than when the boat is one year older the following season. Dealers are also often short on used inventory after the summer season, and are in need of used boats to show through the winter. When you trade your boat in the Fall, you also avoid the yearly winter service and storage fees you would have spent on your old boat. Depending on the boat this can save you hundreds or even thousands!

5.) Service & Storage 

After every summer of use, your boat needs to be properly serviced, winterized, and safely stored through the winter. Depending on what type of boat you have, this process can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. When purchasing a boat in the fall, you eliminate that hefty service bill and get peace of mind that your new boat will be safely stored by the dealership through the winter. When the Spring rolls around and you are ready for another great season on the water, your new boat will be all ready to go for the best summer ever! 

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