Lund Catch Of The Year 2019

Published September 9th, 2019 by Laurali Deats

- 9/9/2019

The Lund Catch Of The Year sales event has just been extended through September 30, providing customers with great saving on new Lund Boats  as the Fall Fishing season approaches! These discounts apply towards left over 2018 models, remaining 2019 models as well as the BRAND NEW Lund 2020 model year boats arriving at dealerships daily. Discounts can in be applied to both in-stock, as well as special order boats. 

Lund Boat ModelModel Years 2018 and 2019 Discount AmountModel Year 2020 Discount Amount
Baron (2275)$3,000$1,500
Pro V (2075/2175 models)$2,500$1,200
Tyee (2075 models)$2,500$1,200
Fiberglass (202/208/219 models)$2,500$1,000
Pontoons (all models)$2,000$1,000
Pro V (1875/1975 models)$2,000$750
Tyee (18' & 19' models)$2,000$750
Fiberglass (189 models)$1,500$750
Crossover XS (all models)$1,200$750
Impacts (1875/2025 models)$1,200$750
Sport Angler (all models)$1,000$750
Pro Guide (all models)$1,000N/A
Alaskan (all models)$1,000$750
Impacts (1675/1775 models)*$1,000*$750
Adventure (all models)*$1,000*$750
Rebels (all models)*$750*$500
1625 Fury XL*$750*$500
Renegade (1775/1875 models)*$750*$500
Predator (all models)$750$500

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PLUS FREE TRAVEL COVER – Model Years 2018/2019 ONLY (1625 Fury XL, All Rebel Models, 1675/1775 Adventures, 1775/1875 Renegades, and 1675/1775 Impact models)


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