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Kayak - Crank 10.0

Crank 10.0 - Our solo Pedal drive Sit on Top Kayak allows for Paddeling or Pedaling around the lake. This unit is a perfect fit for everyone. Cast your line and Pedal while you troll in deep or shallow areas. Complete a full body work out while paddeling and pedaling at the same time, crossing the water faster then your friends. The easy-handling Crank packs a punch and opens up the water to everyone in a fun, stable and manageable way. This kayak pedals effortlessly, covers lots of water, and provides the ability to go forward and reverse with out hassle.

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Kayak - Tribe

Tribe 13.5-Round up the family and have an hour, a day, or week of fun out on the lake in our 13.5 Sit on Top Tandem Kayak with kid seat. Padded adjustable seats and storage areas allow you to have a comfortable experiance bringing with you all the gear you need. Rental includes PFD's and paddles.

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SUP - Rukus

Rukus 11.6-The perfect do-it-all paddleboard designed with the entire family in mind. This board is stable enough to accommodate all sizes of paddlers, pets, and even take the kids for a ride.

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