Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Boat Enthusiasts

Published December 22nd, 2020 by Katherine

Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? Do you have a family member or friend that loves boats and all things water-related? If you’re looking for some last minute gift ideas for the boat enthusiast in your life, then you’re in luck because we’ve created an awesome gift guide that is sure to give you some inspiration. The best part about this list is that you can find all of these items and more at Seager Marine - no need to worry about shipping expenses or ensuring delivery in time for the holidays!

Gas/Dockside Services Gift Card

You can’t go wrong getting a boat owner a gas gift card. Much like driving a car, gas expenses can add up rather quickly; especially if the boat is being used every weekend all summer long! Gas gift cards make great stocking stuffers and definitely won’t go to waste. Similar to a gas gift card, a gift card for dockside services will definitely be put to good use and makes the perfect stocking stuffer. What’s better than not having to clean or detail your own boat?

New Cooler

Someone who spends their days on the water can never have too many coolers. Coolers are dragged around just about everywhere with a boat enthusiast, so they are likely to get scratches, dings, and rips every season. Why not get a new one for next season?


Here’s another great stocking stuffer idea or better yet, you can buy a koozie and put it inside the new cooler that you also purchased and now you have two gifts for the boat enthusiast in your life! 


This may seem like an obvious one, but boat owners and water enthusiasts are constantly using towels. Towels aren’t just used for drying off after going for a swim; they can also be used when cleaning the boat and can even double as blankets on chilly evenings. Towels are always getting lost and ruined or having to get washed in the middle of a busy boating weekend, so having a few extras at the start of the season isn’t a bad idea.

Cleaning Supplies

Okay, we know that getting cleaning supplies as a gift isn’t exactly the most exciting thing...but it is practical and they will definitely get put to good use. Like anything else that gets used often, boats tend to get dirty and most boat enthusiasts like to keep them looking as clean and new as possible. That first clean at the start of next season is sure to be made easier if the cleaning supplies are already purchased and ready to go. Plus, no one really enjoys spending money on cleaning supplies, and now the boat enthusiast in your life won’t have to!

New Wakeboard, Surfboard, or Paddleboard

We recognize that not all boat enthusiasts enjoy wakeboarding, surfing, or paddleboarding, but we’re sure that some do! If you’re looking for a big, exciting gift for a water enthusiast, a new board is the way to go. The best part is, you don’t even have to wrap it - just slap a bow on it and call it a day! Don't forget a new surf rope or wakeboard rope always makes you ride better so you could pick up one of those as well!

New Life Jacket

A new life jacket is a great gift for someone who has recently grown out of theirs, who wants to get into a water sport, or whose life jacket is old and worn. A nice life jacket that properly fits can go a long way and is often underappreciated until it’s experienced. 


You’re probably thinking that giving someone ropes as a gift is boring, but if you’re looking for something that a boater will actually use, look no further. We could write a full page on all the ways ropes and lines can be used on a boat, but we’ll spare you. Just take our word for it!

Boat Brand Apparel

This one is right up there with getting someone gear from their favorite sports team. People love to represent their favorite brands; get them something from their favorite boat brand and they’ll probably wear it all season long.


Fenders are another very practical gift idea. We’re sure that the boat enthusiast in your life already has fenders, but it never hurts to have some extras OR to replace well loved ones, especially when tying off with others or when teaching a more novice boater how to dock. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!


It’s no secret that boat and water enthusiasts spend a ton of time out in the sun. A nice pair of sunglasses is absolutely a necessity, and it’s always good to have a couple of extra pairs on the boat in case someone forgets theirs or worse...loses a pair in the water.


If you aren’t familiar with iFloats...we’re here to tell you that these floating mats are definitely an outside the box gift idea for someone who enjoys lounging around in the water. Give someone an iFloat and you can find them on it all summer long.

And that’s a wrap! Hopefully this gift guide helped give you some inspiration to power through the rest of your holiday shopping and you now feel prepared to pick something great out for the boat enthusiast in your life.

We hope that you have a happy, healthy holiday season and a joyous New Year.



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